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Development Program

About Champions Hockey Academy

Champions Hockey Academy, in partnership with Fredericton Christian Academy, offers high quality instruction to registered students of Fredericton Christian Academy. Co-ed students in all grade levels participate in this program via four divisions - Learn to Skate; Elementary School Hockey; Middle School Hockey; and High School Hockey. The program’s scheduled ice times allows for both school and skating/hockey to occur during the school day. Champions Hockey Academy serves to strengthen players’ core knowledge, further develop their existing skills and abilities, and inspire them to love skating and the game of hockey.

Development Program: Learn to Skate

On-Ice Training

This program is for boys & girls ready to develop the basic skating skills.  Focus will be on balance, gliding, forwards, backwards, stops and starts, crossovers and turns. Full gear will be required to participate in this program. Report cards will be given out at the end of each semester.

Development Program: Elementary School, Middle School and High School

On-Ice Training


With our arena just steps away from the classrooms, we have the flexibility to schedule practices around classes. Under the guidance and support of our professional coaches and trainers, players at CHA develop the following skills and techniques:

  • Individual offensive skills

  • Team play and systems

  • Passing and variations

  • Stickhandling in a range of directions

  • Puck Protection

  • Shooting with a focus on each type of shots 

  • Speed and agility

  • Attacking the defensive player, triangle attacks, faking, and speed shifts

  • Power-skating using acceleration skating techniques and edge control

  • Receiving and giving body checks

  • Position-specific training

  • Creative thinking using small-area games

  • Video analysis for individual skills and team play

Off-Ice Training

Players participate in a full off-ice training program using the latest techniques to maximize their physical and mental strength. All off-ice training takes place on Friday’s and will include strength and conditioning, nutritional guidance, guest speakers, field trips and mental skills training.

Development Program Cost

 Champions Hockey Academy Development Program annual fees are payable to Champions Hockey Academy


Annual Fees Deposit
(Used as a downpayment on total program fees.)

$250 (non-refundable)


Learn to Skate

Age 3-Grade 5 (33 Ice Sessions)

$999 +HST

Elementary School
Grades 2-5 (127 Ice Sessions)

$2,000 +HST

Middle School

Grades 6-8 (127 Ice Sessions)

$2,540 +HST

High School

Grades 9-12 (127 Ice Sessions)

$2,540 +HST

Program Fees Cover

  • On ice sessions (ice time rental)

  • Instructor Costs – on ice and off ice

  • Insurance

  • Program equipment, supplies

  • Guest Speakers

  • Outdoor retreat / Field Trips

  • Transportation Cost

See below to register for the Champions Hockey Academy Development Program.


Why Choose CHA Development Program?

Champions Hockey Academy (CHA) has developed a comprehensive program that will provide your child with top level training paired with an exemplary private school education.


At CHA we pride ourselves in challenging our students on the ice and in the classroom developing young athletes’ minds, bodies, and spirits. We prepare them for the next steps in their hockey development, education and beyond.


Learn to Skate
Students will be in the ice will be on the ice 1x/week


Elementary School
Students will be in the ice will be on the ice 3x/week.


Middle School and High School
Students will be in the ice will be on the ice 4x/week with an additional 1 day/week of off-ice training.

How to Register

Answer this question first: Is your child enrolled at Fredericton Christian Academy (FCA) ?
1. If you answered, "No", continue to Step 1
2. If you answered, "Yes", continue to Step 2

Step 1


  1. If your child is not enrolled at FCA, please contact the FCA Director of Admissions, Sarah Jane Bishop at or 506.458.9379, ext. 200

  2. Arrange to meet with Sarah Jane Bishop, Director of Admissions - virtually or in person.

  3. Complete the Admission Application Package.

  4. Pay Registration Fees.

  5. Acquire confirmation of acceptance to FCA.

  6. Go to Step 2

Step 2 

  1. Click the registration button below to register for the Champions Hockey Academy Development Program.

  2. Once registered, Champions Hockey Academy (CHA) will communicate next steps and more program details. (CHA fees are separate from the FCA registration and tuition fees.)



Do you have questions or want more information about this program? Feel free to contact us.

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