Roller Hockey

initiation / open floor 

Champions Hockey is very excited to be venturing out into the world of Roller Hockey.   Many of the top players in the world credit their great skating ability to working extra hours on their inline skates in order to help improve their skating stride.


Although a new opportunity arises, Champions would like to first gauge interest in the sport in order to plan accordingly.  This pre-registration will allow for us to setup appropriate groups and sessions based on response.   Open floor nights would simply be comprised of setting up a couple of teams, working on a few fundamental skills and then playing full court roller hockey games.


Roller hockey is played on concrete, in the arena setting, with a slightly varied set of rules.  In order to participate, players would require the following equipment.  (Winter hockey gear is fine)


  • Pair of inline skates (preferably with soft indoor wheels) 

  • Shin pads 

  • Protective Cup

  • Elbow pads

  • Hockey Gloves

  • Hockey Helmet

  • Protective Pants (Optional)

  • Water Bottle (It gets very warm in the rink and is important to hydrate)


NEXT FLOOR dates:  To be determined
PROGRAM OPEN to 2010 - 2006 Age groups

Pre registration is at no cost, Champions will inform players of future opportunities

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