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Champions lifestyle Hockey summer camp
July 4th - 8th 2022

We at Champions Hockey are beyond excited for our annual Lifestyles Camp beginning on Monday! Below is the schedule as well as the groups for next week and some additional information about the camp. 


Due to unforeseen circumstances with Willie O Ree place, we have moved this year's Lifestyles Camp to the Lady Beaverbrook (LBR) Area located at 411 University Ave. Camp moves forward rain or shine as we have all activities planned accordingly with backup as needed!  We have a fun filled week planned for both on ice as well as off ice! We cannot wait to see everyone Monday morning. 

An FYI that we will also have Champions Hockey apparel for sale during the camp on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 4:00-5:00 pm at the rink!  We have lots of new items and even some specific pieces for you to wear this summer season.


Things players will need each day:

-Hockey Equipment 

-Road Hockey Stick 

-Gym Clothes 

-Running shoes 

-Bathing suit 

-Water Bottle 

-Lunch and Snacks 

-Extra socks 

-Positive Attitude

Group 1

Leaders: Jon Harty & Greg Gaines

Aiden Frame

Alexander Li

Arwyn Seeley

Asher Chamberlain

Asher Seeley

Beckett Clowater

Benjamin Murphy

Blake McLean

Cameron Gargano

Charlie Colter

Charlie Parrill

Colt Brawn

Eldon Estey

George Haynes

Grady Gairns

Grayson Gairns

Hudson Colter

Jack Tucker

Jake Stokes

Lawson McCarthy

Lochlan Estey-Biggar

Logan McCarthy

Luc Corman

Matthew Mitchell

Maxime Corman

Maxime Gagnon

Parker Munn

Quincy Smallman

Regan Blanchette

Ryker Fullarton

Sawyer Smallman

Thomas Murphy

Westin Garsch

Will Brewer

Ciaran Frame 

Hendrix Harty 

Elijah Murphy

Group 2

Leaders: Chris Mahon & Talli Warren 

Abram Davidson

Axton Browne

Blaire Smallman

Blake Parrill

Cody Hoyt

Emery Estey

Ethan Mahon

Griffin Gairns

Jack Smith

Jaxon Gill

Jude Stewart

Kaiden Watson

Katelyn Hannay

Kree Triska

Kree Triska

Landon McCarthy

Liam Hewitt

Logan Murphy

Lucas Richardson

Molly Porter

Nathan Derrah

Oliver Ryan

Owen Craig

Rebecca Smith

Reece Collings

Sadie Mahon

Samuel Stevenson

Skyler Morrison

Taylor Fox

Wes Werner

Xinran Zhang

Zac Tyler

Zachary Carr

Brysen Ryer

Jacob Hood

Matthew Richardson

Mylee Paul 

Declan Macfarlane 

Group 3

Leaders: Craig Langille & Sloan Smallman

Antony Cote

Avery Colter

Axton Browne

Cayden Normand

Charlie Penney

Danny Campbell

Dax Robichaud

Declan Weir

Emma Clarke

Ethan Mcinnis

Fiona Finley

Huston Murphy

Isaac Lawrence

Issac Merrill-Mackay

Koltyn Robinson

Kye Clifford

Kyler Estey

Landon Tobin

Lane Edmondson

Layne Bear-Moulton

Mally Garsch

Mason Werner

Matthew Mazerolle

Maxwell McConchie

Mikael Dunbar

Nathan Lambert

Nicholas Alexander

Noah Avery

Noah Parker

Spencer Bowen

Strider Seeley

Tyler Campbell

Zach Revington

Evan Crouse

Group 1 Registration 7:30 AM - (SEE GROUP 1 SCHEDULE BELOW)


Group 2 Registration 8:00 AM - (SEE GROUP 2 SCHEDULE BELOW)


Group 3 Registration  8:20 AM - (SEE GROUP 3 SCHEDULE BELOW)

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