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Location LBR / July 14, 2020  - August 27,  2020
(Via Invite Only)

This Elite Pee-Wee Hockey Development Camp is designed to give players the greatest opportunity for success in achieving their hockey goals while maintaining their motivation. Our objective is to make this program personal and different from any hockey development service available.   Our program is geared toward Elite players who are focused and committed and have a desire to excel and take their game to the next level.  Our on-ice and off-ice programs are both physically and mentally demanding on all players.


Development On and Off The Ice:

We have designed the program over 6 weeks which will place heavy emphasis on the development of the player’s hockey skill, hockey IQ and character. Off ice we will provide the most relevant training practices available with a focus on technique, strength and balance.


Participants will work with Dax MacLean, Stacy Smallman, Matt Wright and our team of professional skill developers.  Additional skills to be taught and practiced are developing team work, confidence building, and self-discipline. All of our training sessions will include videographers for instant feedback which focuses on our “Attention to Correction”.


A personalized evaluation will be completed throughout our program. A professional and honest exit interview and report will outline your strengths and weaknesses with suggestions for improvement, potential, etc. This report will be given to players at the end of camp.


On-Ice, Off-Ice and Classroom testing will be conducted throughout the summer program.


With a maximum capacity of 20 skaters and 4 goalies, this program is truly an Elite all-around hockey development camp.




Stick Handling

  • Power Skating

  • Shooting

  • Hand Dexterity

  • Passing

  • Puck Protection

  • Game Situation Skills

  • Small Area Games, Angling, Contact & Battle Drills

  • On-Ice Off-Ice Testing

  • Video Analysis & Review

  •  Progress Reports




  • Explosive Power

  • Increased Speed

  • Agility and Core Training

  • Flexibility and Mobility Training

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Nutritional Guidance





  • Leadership

  • Hockey Systems- Offensive Zone, Defensive Zone, Neutral Zone

  • How to Impress a Coach and Get Recognized at a Tryout

  • What it Takes to Compete at the Next Level

  • How to Effectively Combine Hockey and Academics

  • How Lifestyle Choices Influence Your Hockey Career

  • How to Eat and Train Properly During and After the Season

  • Injury Prevention Education

  • How Parents Can Help – and Hinder – a Player’s Chances

  • The Importance of Goal-Setting and Visualization





  • Maximum 20 skaters and 4 goalies

  • 18 Hours of On-Ice Training

  • 18 Hours of Off-Ice Training

  • 18 Hours of Classroom Session

  • On & Off-Ice Written Analysis

  • Champions Hockey Gear – Workout Shorts and T-Shirt


Our Champions Hockey Elite Summer Academy is designed for serious athletes only and intended for those who want to succeed, grow and see real change






Registration Cost:  $808.70 plus HST

($155.00 per week including taxes).