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semi-private lessons

Champions Hockey Semi-Private Lesson Program is one of the most effective and efficient teaching methods for hockey players of any level. Join us for a highly tailored personal on-ice session(s) focused on your specific needs and situations. We are dedicated to ensuring that each player is improving upon their specific weaknesses that will take them closer to becoming a complete player.  This type of instruction will dramatically and noticeably improve the players’ skills as well as confidence for each participant.  Drills are designed from game like situations in pattern that are followed by puck skills, shooting and incorporating the power skating skills covered earlier in the session.  We will focus on advanced skill development allowing players to be challenged and achieve their goal of becoming a better hockey player.


Areas of Focus:

  • Power Skating: stride, balance, acceleration, over speed training, in-corner play

  • Puck Handling: hand positioning, puck control in different situations, body positioning for puck possession

  • Shooting and Scoring: wrist, snap, slap, one-timers, backhand, deflections, shooting in stride, various game situation goals

  • Game Strategy: breakout options, body positioning in the zones (defense, offense, neutral), timing of rushes, pass VS dump in, regroup (D to D), Power Play options



**Maximum number of participants 12 per session. 




Registration Costs: $195.65 + HST (6 sessions)

Dates: July 16-18th, July 23-25th

Time: 8:00am - 9:00am - Grant Harvey Centre

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