The Goal for Champions Hockey is to provide players with the complete hockey experience. The focus is for all players to have a positive hockey experience by increasing their confidence, teamwork, skill and passion for the game of hockey.   This will happen through our Champion Habits, designed for both on and off the ice.  Exceptional coaching and fitness training is where we will develop high quality young hockey players with an improved game knowledge and hockey sense, while building a team focused atmosphere.  

As the ice hockey season ends, many players turn to different sports in order to help build different muscles, vary their skill set and keep in shape.  Roller hockey, although very similar in style to winter programs is quite different.  It provides an opportunity to keep working on fundamental skating skills, while building on other parts of the game & strategy as well. 

Champions Hockey is very excited to be venturing out into the world of Roller Hockey.   Many of the top players in the world credit their great skating ability to working extra hours on their inline skates in order to help improve their skating stride.


What You Need To Know

Champions Hockey is always looking at player development, however players who have a basic knowledge and inline skating ability will have a distinct advantage over others.

Roller hockey is played on concrete, in the arena setting, with a slightly varied set of rules.  In order to participate, players would require the following equipment.  (Winter hockey gear is fine)


  • Pair of inline skates (preferably with soft indoor wheels as they will not "slide out") 

  • Shin pads 

  • Protective Cup

  • Elbow pads

  • Hockey Gloves

  • Hockey Helmet

  • Protective Pants 

  • Shoulder Pads (Optional)

  • Water Bottle (It gets very warm in the rink and is important to hydrate)

Roller Hockey sessions will be posted as they become available.  

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