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The Goal for Champions Hockey Spring Program is to provide hockey players with the complete hockey experience. The focus is for all players to have a positive hockey experience by increasing their confidence, teamwork, skill and passion for the game of hockey.   This will happen through our Champion Habits, designed for both on and off the ice.  Exceptional coaching and fitness training is where we will develop high quality young hockey players with an improved game knowledge and hockey sense, while building a team focused atmosphere.  The coaches are committed to focus on each player as individuals, knowing each player learns and is motivated differently. Each player will go through hockey and skating skills within a positive team concept approach. The coaches are committed to promoting healthy competition and to optimize skill development for the enjoyment and success of all their players.

Champions Hockey expanded in early summer of 2016 to solidify a partnership with Atlantic HockeyGroup (AHG) in order to secure a league for their teams to play in as part of spring programs.   There are three levels of play available within AHG’s spring league (Elite, AAA, Prospects), which provides an opportunity for everyone to play and develop, from Elite levels to Recreational programs.

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