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Summer Program


Champions Hockey U15 Female Summer Program is geared towards development and results. This Summer Program will be one of the most effective and efficient skills programs for Female hockey players born in 2010 & 2011. Champions Hockey 5-week summer program will challenge and push players out of their comfort zone to reach maximum potential. 

This program will be a combination of both on-ice and off-ice training.

On-ice training

  • Power Skating: stride, balance, acceleration, agility, over speed training, in-corner play

  • Puck Handling: hand positioning, puck control in different situations, body positioning for puck possession

  • Shooting and Scoring: wrist, snap, slap, one-timers, quick release, backhand, deflections, shooting in stride, various game situation goals

  • Game Strategy: Hockey IQ, skill development in critical areas, body positioning in all zones (defense, offense, neutral) 


Off-ice training

The off-ice training will be held at UNB's state-of-the-art High Performance Center, where their expert staff members will deliver their proven program that will focus on improving six areas of your game:

  • Strength: Gym training helps build muscle strength, which is essential for skills like skating, shooting and puck protection.

  • Power: Power is the combination of strength and speed, and it's crucial for explosive movements on the ice, such as accelerating, stopping quickly, and shooting. 

  • Endurance: While hockey is known for its bursts of intense activity, players also need endurance to sustain their performance throughout a game. Gym training includes cardiovascular exercises and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to improve endurance.

  • Injury prevention: Building strength and stability through gym training can help reduce the risk of injuries on the ice. Strengthening muscles around joints and improving balance and coordination can contribute to injury prevention.

  • Recovery: Gym training includes exercises and techniques that aid in recovery, such as foam rolling, stretching, and mobility work. Proper recovery is essential for maintaining performance and preventing overuse injuries.

  • Mental toughness: Training in the gym requires discipline, focus, and determination, which are all qualities that translate to success on the ice. Building mental toughness through gym training can help hockey players push through challenges during games and stay resilient in the face of adversity.

This program is open to a maximum of 20 players and is designed for the dedicated player who wants to compete alongside other players striving for athletic and personal self-improvement.

Champions Hockey prides itself on only hiring the top instructors throughout the province for all on-ice training. We have a reputation for our “Attention to Correction” instruction resulting in maximum player development. Each player will have a personal consultation to establish specific needs, followed by the development of customized session(s). On-ice testing will take place during the first ice session. Benchmarks will be set! 


COST:  $600 + HST

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