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 Summer Development Program

Champions Hockey is proud to be celebrating it’s 13th season/summer of offering power skating, skill development, and conditioning practices throughout July, August, and September 2019.  Once again this year, through our partnership with Athletic One, we will offer age specific off-ice conditioning. This partnership allows us to have an impact on players development both on and off the ice.


Champions Hockey has developed a solid reputation for exceptional coaching and we continue to improve and add to our camp curriculum each year.  Our ice sessions are both technically challenging and physically demanding, yet we teach in a way that is fun and hands on for skill correction specific to each and every hockey player. In doing so, we believe we provide the best hockey skills development camps available.


We will have a minimum of 50% of our allotted time dedicated to the power skating component; both forwards and backwards, and the remaining time dedicated to skill development & conditioning.  We feel this will give us the opportunity to teach proper skating technique to the players through repetition to create muscle memory to enhance their form and speed.  This will also give us the opportunity to tailor our program to the specific needs of the group with emphases on Explosive Acceleration, Advanced Skating Technique Training, Edge Control, Increased Speed and Quickness and Maximum Skating Efficiency/Lengthening Your Stride.


Throughout the summer, every 5th ice time, players will have the opportunity to show off their new skills and improvements during this hour. Groups 1 and 2 will have half ice scrimmages.  NHL analytics confirms this allows for more puck control, shooting, passing and better puck battles.

 Summer Development SCHEDULE

For details, please ENTER YOUR SEARCH information below to view dates and times associated with a specific age group / program. (ie. Novice Summer, Atom Summer, Pee Wee Summer etc...)