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personalized coaching

Looking for that extra edge

to improve your game?

Champions Hockey has a comprehensive set of Personalized Coaching options that we encourage you to consider when developing to your maximum potential is the ultimate goal.


One-on-One PRIVATE Training Sessions (On Ice)

Join us for a highly-tailored personal on ice session focused on your specific needs and situation. This service begins with a personal consultation by phone or in-person to ascertain your specific needs, followed by the development of a customized session. Techniques and skills we might focus on during these customized sessions include:

stridebalance, stroke, acceleration, in-corner play, face-offs, checking, positional play, shot, stick handling, game strategy

Sessions are conducted one-on-one with either Dax or Stacy. Costs vary depending on location, duration, and time of day access to ice. As an option, consider bringing along up to two other players for a “small group” session. We also offer “two individuals” or “two group” sessions whereby the ice is split half-and-half and both Stacy and Dax are on ice to conduct the training. 

1 Player, One on One session (Dax or Stacy) - $260.87 + HST per session

2 Players, One on One session (Dax & Stacy / split ice) - $152.17 + HST per session

3 Players, One on One session (Dax, Stacy & Matt / split ice) - $130.43 + HST per session


Personalized Off-Ice Training Program

Champions Hockey can build you a personalized training program to follow on your own time. These training sessions can be followed over the summer, in preparation for fall tryouts, or during the winter or spring seasons. Each program is individually tailored to your needs based on a personal assessment. If needed, we can also provide in-gym introductory training to help you establish the correct techniques and work effort. We have tailored training programs for players all the way through to the professional level. Contact us for additional details and a quote.

Game Play Reviews and Assessments
(in person and video-based)

With over 30 years of playing and coaching experience each, all the way to the professional level, Dax and Stacy have seen virtually every conceivable hockey situation.


While in-camp and during-training situation assessments are valuable and effective, they do not take into account some of the pressures and situations that only occur in real games. With our Game Play Reviews and Assessments we will attend one or more of your games to watch you in person. During the game we will assess and grade your play on a number of criteria. We record our findings on a score sheet, including a written critique of specific aspects of your game. Following the assessment we will meet with you (in person or by phone) to walk through the score sheet and discuss the findings. We will also recommend steps you can take to improve your game in specific areas.

This service is offered as a “one time” option, or as a three-unit combination of “early season”, “mid season” and “end-of-year” reviews. The combination option includes our recommendations on goals that can be set and achieved prior to the next review, along with exercises and skill development techniques that can be employed to meet the goals.

  • Video option 1: we also offer the option of including a video review of the game. With this option we will attend the game and record a video of it. We will provide a written critique of the game based on time markers set in the video, and will review the video with you at a mutually agreeable time.

  • Video option 2: if you are in a jurisdiction we cannot easily visit, you can also send us recorded video of your game and we will assess and critique your play from that media.


Our Game Play Reviews and Assessments service is highly customizable. Contact us for additional detail on this service and for a quote.

PLEASE NOTE:  Champions Hockey Academy will be following all recommendations, guidelines and protocols laid out by the City Of Fredericton Recreation Department, The Province Of New Brunswick and the Chief Medical Officer with regards to Covid-19. The safety of our clients is our main Priority.    If Champions Hockey is forced to postpone or cancel programs due to Covid-19, remaining program funds will be credited on the participants Champions Hockey Account to be used for any future Champions Hockey Program registration. No cash or credit card refunds will be processed.  If participants do not respect protocols put in place with regards to rink guidelines, physical distancing measures, they will be removed from the program without refund.

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