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The basic objective of the "AAA" Series is to provide the opportunity for advanced hockey players, to progress to the next level of play. This is accomplished by bringing together a group of advanced players under the direction of highly qualified coaches. Players will also gain from the positive experience of being part of a team made up of players from different towns and minor hockey associations.


The 2024 series will feature regional teams based in Acadie-Chaleur, Fredericton, Moncton, Nord-Ouest, Saint John, Gaspésie, West Kent and PEI. 


  • Positive learning environment while having fun.

  • Teach the basic fundamentals of hockey - skating, passing, shooting, scoring.

  • Grow passion for hockey through fun / games and rewarding  effort.

  • Build confidence!

2024 Registration
(Players registering for programs below must have been selected and contacted by the coach of the RiverSharks program.  Any player not selected, but registering will be removed and a $35 admin fee will  automatically be applied.)

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