Champions checking CLINIC

FREDERICTON (April 6,7,8)

Making the change from non contact to contact hockey is a big step in the development of a young player. The focus of the Champions Hockey Body Checking clinic is to give every player proper skills and confidence to ease transition into U15.  We will work with every player to use the best of their abilities in tight, physical situations while also reducing the likelihood of injury. Our 3 session program will focus on many different components of checking  such as angling, positioning, timing, body checking, receiving a body check, contact balance, and confidence.


Session #1   

During this first session, players will learn all the basic skills of checking: proper checking technique, body and stick positioning, how to give/take a hit, how to take a hit along the wall, heads-up plays and awareness of danger zones on the ice.  


Session #2    

Building off skills learned in session #1, players will learn how to properly separate players from the puck and how to capitalize on their body positioning to win 1 on 1 battles.  Players will be introduced to angling techniques as well as learning to drive the net with puck protection to create more scoring chances. 


Session #3   

During the final session, we put everything together.  Players will participate in a number of game-like situations to incorporate techniques learned. These drills will help players transition from a practice to game scenarios and start getting them thinking and getting comfortable using  skills learned in the first 2 sessions.


Date:  April 6, 7 & 8

Time: 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Grant Harvey Centre

Cost: $65.22 + HST

Checking Clinic / Battle Camp Schedule - FREDERICTON


Acceptance to the program is confirmed once payment is received.